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With our expert designers we can create the magazine from an idea to finished product. We can even provide content of the magazine since we have in-house copywriters, illustrators and professional photographers. On consultation we will agree upon what shape, color and the overall appearance of the magazine. Optional we can create complementary printed version of the magazine, since we have 14 years of experience of publishing 2 magazines of our own.



We also provide different corporate publications. For example program or department brochures, newsletters, pamphlets. Our specialty are annual reports of different kind. We design animations, graphs or other feature which would enrich the reports vontent. Reports can also be supported with mass mailing system.




We provide technology of interactive catalogues, which usually resembles a listing of books, magazines and newspapers and offers a quick and easy choice in a way that customers are accustomed to while offering comfort of the internet. We can include graphic image animations, video clips, audio files and other multimedia content.


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